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Great design is timeless. Its foundation is based upon intelligent planning and a discerning eye which comprise the key elements to achieve a polished look at any price point. Howard Wiggins' philosophy is to make interior design attainable by following three simple rules to avoid costly mistakes:

  1. Make a floor plan and use it as a guideline.

  2. Purchase items in the correct order.

  3. Base every decision on previous choices.

These rules are implemented for every design in progress. Also, timely completion of the design scheme and the ability to recognize the personal style of each client, along with the cost factors associated with the design, are carefully considered according to the needs of the client.

Pricing for Interior Design Services:

$1000.00 per room which includes making a floor plan and working with your personal furnishings and/or accessories, shopping for and installing new furniture and/or accessories, a combination of the aforementioned, and suggesting architectural changes along with the appropriate selections of paint color.

$125.00 per hour for one hour or less of consultation.

Howard Wiggins Interior Design


What Were You Thinking? Interior Design Book

Howard Wiggins

Internationally recognized by Andrew Martin UK as One of the top 35 world's leading designers and author of What Were You Thinking?

Howard Wiggins Interior Design is excited to present the book What Were You Thinking?


Written by Howard Wiggins, the book is a guide to help recognize the costly mistakes everyone makes when designing and decorating the interior of their home and present ways of correcting and preventing them.

"This book saved me from making very costly decorating mistakes.I did not understand how difficult decorating one's own home could be. Thank you Howard Wiggins for my truly lovely home."


-- June 02, 2009 by Ruth Williams in Brentwood, TN


Author and Interior Designer, Howard Wiggins Can Help with Your Decorating Dilemmas!


Have you ever looked around a room in your house and thought, “I need help!” Well, help has arrived! Howard Wiggins, from Howard Wiggins Interior Design, this book WHAT Were You Thinking ? Wiggins will share ideas on how to make the most of your budget when it comes to making your home look fabulous.





Howard Wiggins Interior Design

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Howard Wiggins Interior Design

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Howard Wiggins Interior Design

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