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Room Makeovers and Home Redesign near Franklin, Tennessee

Residents of Franklin, Tennessee, need look no further than the vast experience I have gained over four decades when looking for the best person to carry out interior design in their homes. Every client gets the benefit of my eye for detail and the breadth of knowledge I bring to every situation.

As an established home decorator for more than 40 years, I am well used to passing on tips and recommendations to homeowners when they call on my services. People often make fundamental mistakes when planning to design the inside of their homes, and I am happy to put them right and share my expertise.

Although I am based in Brentwood, I operate a mobile service and travel to customers' homes to go over the layout and what they have in mind for their design. Franklin is one of the nearby cities in which I am most active.

In many cases, clients who are wanting redecoration work done throughout the house, or perhaps just a single room makeover, have no definite plan in mind. That is where I bring my knowledge and experience to bear. I can instantly work out what is needed and pass on suggestions to the client.

My business slogan is, 'I am the master of design' and I live up to that whether I am doing a complete interior decoration, or helping a customer to choose lighting or furnishings for their property. I am always delighted to visit a house and provide a decorating consultation.

I enjoy working with business professionals, aged perhaps from 35 upwards, who are working and who are too busy to decorate. It means I can give my ideas free rein, and implement a vision without interference.

So if you live in Franklin and want the best interior designer in the area then make sure Howard Wiggins Interior Design is number one on your list. Call me on (615) 392-1732.


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