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Home Furnishing and Room Makeovers in Brentwood, Tennessee

At Howard Wiggins Interior Design I have developed an enviable reputation over the years as a first-class home interior furnishing expert. When a customer calls me to a home anywhere in the Nashville, Tennessee, area, I can very quickly determine how the property can be improved using suitable furniture.

Every time I am hired for a home furnishings job, I visit the property and charge $150 for a consultation. I go room to room or through the entire house working out what needs to be done. As well as providing advice about the furniture, I can also pass on references for painting work.

I can arrange the furnishings in any style, but my preference is to edit what you already have and make it a more personal design. I know the styles I like and, on almost every occasion, I know right away what needs to be done.

If I have to buy furnishings for a customer, I charge based on retail prices. A delivery charge will be added to any items that I cannot personally haul such as china cabinets, and dining room tables. When I purchase accessories, there is no charge passed on to the client.

When I am doing a room makeover, I have certain rules of thumb based on my 40 years of experience that I use to great effect. I can take four pieces of furniture and create 144 unique home interior designs. A sofa, a pair of chairs, and an odd chair are central to the arrangement.

It is worth bearing in mind that everybody sits in a 10ft square, so that is the space you always have to work with.

If you want to take advantage of my interior decorating and furnishing expertise, call me at (615) 392-1732.


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