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After more than 40 years in the business, I have consolidated my position as one of the leading interior designers in the world. In the most recent Andrew Martin Interior Design Review, my company Howard Wiggins Interior Design is ranked number 35 in the list of the world's best designers.

If you live in Brentwood, Tennessee, where my business is located, or in any nearby cities such as Nashville or Franklin, I will be delighted to come to your property and provide you with an expert home d├ęcor consultation.

 As a professional and experienced interior designer, I describe myself as the master of design and the master of color. As soon as I walk into a house or a room, I start to envision what the place needs regarding interior decoration and design, and I can convey my thoughts to the homeowner.

My specialty is interior design, and that entails planning and carrying out the architecture and overall layout of how any new design should look. I always take into consideration factors such as the lifestyle of the clients, and how I interact with them.

When it comes to interior design, there are three mistakes people make. They do not have a plan before starting; they buy items of furniture in the incorrect order and buy what they like rather than what they love.

The best order in which to buy furniture is addressed in my book 'What Were You Thinking?' I suggest that someone doing an interior design should start off buying the area rugs and floor coverings, then the upholstery, then case goods such as cabinets, and lastly lighting accessories.

I charge $150 for a home decor consultation and guarantee customer satisfaction on every job. If you are looking for the finest interior decorator in the area, call Howard Wiggins Interior Design at (615) 392-1732 today.

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