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Decorative Lighting and Lighting Design in Brentwood, Tennessee

The way a house is lit goes a huge way to creating the correct ambiances and enhancing the space of the rooms in the property. There are so many different choices of lighting, and the experience I have gleaned over four decades can provide you with the help you need to make the right lighting selection.

When I'm asked to carry out a project, I use everything from decorative lighting and residential lighting to ambient lighting and chandeliers. Every kind of light that is readily available, including lamps, can be used to provide a unique lighting environment and enhance the customer's lifestyle.

When I am called to a property, I always make an instant assessment of what is needed, and of how lighting can be used to the best effect. My 40-plus years of experience as an interior designer have given me an excellent eye for what needs to be done. One of my specialties is editing out the bad and inputting the good.

When I get a vision in my mind, I like to utilize it without interference, so my favorite clients are business professionals who are at work during the day and who leave me to my own devices.

Lighting is the best way to not only illuminate a room in a property, but also an excellent method of creating individual ambiances that are suitable for any moment and in any room.

Indirect lighting can be created in a dining room using a chandelier hung directly over a dining room table. That creates a soft and relaxing atmosphere for any occasion. The same concept can be used for bedrooms and family rooms by merely setting a lamp on a side table.

In bathrooms, an overhead light or sidelights are the perfect fit. So call me at (615) 392-1732 for any interior lighting design needs.



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