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A great deal of the work that Howard Wiggins Interior Design has done over the past 40 years has been for customers in Nashville, Tennessee. My business is located in nearby Brentwood and has flourished to the point where I am currently ranked the 35th best interior designer in the world.

My experience has given me the ability to very quickly assess what is required to decorate the inside of a home. Whether I have been hired to provide the perfect lighting in a room, the furnishings for a house, or interior design for an entire property, every client gets the benefit of my expertise.

Being as I am an interior designer - the master of design and the master of color - I am used to describing to clients exactly what I am envisioning. My job is to work on the architecture and overall layout of a new look for a property, and I base that on the lifestyle of and interactions with the client.

In my experience, a lot of people make specific mistakes when they start planning a home interior redesign. First, they don't have a proper plan before they start. Second, they buy items in the incorrect order. And third, they tend to buy what they like instead of what they love.

My book, 'What Were You Thinking'? outlines the order in which people should buy items for a redesign. My rule of thumb is that they should start with the area rugs, then the upholstery, then casegoods such as bookshelves and cabinets, and finally lighting accessories.

As well as providing an expert interior design consultation, I give advice on a variety of other things including chandelier installation, and decorative lighting. If you live in Nashville and need my home designer services the contact Howard Wiggins Interior Design on (615) 392-1732 any time.

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